2012 Frog Dive Coral Sea trip catches an Australian Black Marlin record

A 230kg ‘pending’ Australian spearfishing record Black Marlin was speared by Andrew (Amod) Moderer on the latest Frog Dive Coral Sea spearfishing trip.

The previous Australian spearfishing record was held by our own Ian ‘Pucko’ Puckeridge coming in at 150kgs caught at Long Reef back in 2007.

The fish was speared with a 1.4m Rob Allen speargun with a Riffe 7.5mm shaft and Riffe slip tip onboard the Eastern Voyager.

Congratulations Amod!

Apparently there is complete footage lasting about 55 minutes.

‘Took down 2x Riffe 2 atmosphere floats out of sight for half an hour, then a third to help bring it up.’

Luke Downie from Frog Dive runs the most professionally organised Coral Sea spearfishing trip in the world, this being his 18th trip. There can be a wide variety of divers on a trip with varying skill levels so special care is taken to make sure all divers know the local rules and fishing etiquette. A species identification session and protected species list is given to each diver before jumping in the water. On average, less than two fish are taken per diver per day; keeping with the motto of every experienced spearfisher ‘Selective and Sustainable Seafood’.

Great trip guys and congratulations again to Amod!