Changes due to Corona Virus

I’m sure most of you are aware the prime minister outlined some further restrictions on the Australian people in the battle against the Covid 19 virus at this time. These new restrictions are aimed at eliminating any unnecessary group gatherings, and unfortunately this includes future club meetings and dive events. This will be in place until health warnings and recommendations change allowing the return to business as usual, and hopefully soon. The South Sydney Amateur Fishing Club will also be closing it’s doors until the threat subsides.
There will be no club meetings, and no club dives until the situation changes.
These are uneasy times and i hope your all staying safe and abiding by health recommendations until the threat is under control and recommendations change.
This has not been easy for me to put in place and have been putting it off till the very last minute, but absolutely necessary and unavoidable. I implore everyone to maintain a share of information and any queries you may have, especially the newer members, on our facebook page.
I am hoping to put out some content each month such as recorded presentations on various spearfishing topics as well.
Stay safe everyone.