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The Sans Souci Dolphins were established in 1953, and sixty plus years on we are still having a great time, as we grow as a club every day. We currently have a membership of over 60 divers, making us the largest spearfishing club in NSW. We strive to deliver what our club members expect from a well established and run club.

In order to ensure our members get what they need from our club, we maintain a balance of social and competition events throughout the year. We have social outings to restaurants, social dives both locally and abroad, and a variety of competition events. For example, at last year’s Eden Three Way State Titles in July, we booked three houses for our members, and over thirty dolphins attended the event.

Our club meetings are also a great social night for us all. We have a BBQ at every meeting as well as information/learning nights such as presentations on “Finding Jewfish” by Australian Spearfishing Champion Paul Roso, “Gear maintenance” by Luke Downie of Frogdive Guildford, “Correct Breathing Technique” by Simon Trippe of Australian Spearfishing Academy, plus much more to come over the year.

SSD’s have a great mixture of member, from Australian Champions and Representatives such as Ian Puckeridge, Paul Roso and Alex Lewis, to our young and keen “any weather divers” and junior members (future Aussie Champions), to our members who we see more on land with a beer in their hand enjoying our social events than what we see them in the water!

The San Souci Dolphins are a proud club that continues to grow for our members. We have a club meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of every month usually starting from 7:30pm, held at South Sydney Amateur Fishing Association; corner of Macquarie Street and Hastings ave, Chifley.

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Upon arrival you will often see Benny the Bartender serving drinks and Ali behind the BBQ. Grab a snag plus a drink and introduce yourself around, listen in or ask questions. Everyone is keen to talk about their latest experience or give a few spearing tips. The main part of the meeting starts around 8:30pm and goes for about an hour. We often have two or more new people come to each meeting. During the meeting we ask you to introduce yourself, let us know where you live/spear, your experience level and what you would like from the club. This is a great way to help find a dive buddy to go out with in the near future.

If you have any more questions about the club, please reach out to us on Facebook and someone will get back to you.



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