GoPro Hero3 announced

Allot of divers now use GoPro cameras to capture footage of the fun we have in the water. The smallest GoPro camera yet has just been released. The GoPro Hero3. The Black edition sells for $399 US. It’s certainly more pricy compared to the previous models and I’m not sure if a free diver will really benefit too much. There is a Silver & White edition for $299 and $199 US respectively that miss out on a few features like ultra high resolution and framerate. I really do like the new size and that they have learnt to make a decent underwater housing, for free! A good review can be found at CNET.

For $199 the entry level camera is so cheap, I can see divers heading out with head & gun mount on the same dive. I hope to see some Dolphins sending in footage for all to see 🙂 Be a Hero!