Mangrove Jack Research in NSW

Toby Piddocke from the National Marine Science Centre at Southern Cross University in Coffs Harbour is conducting a three-year research project on the biology and movements of Mangrove Jack in NSW.

We can help with his research by providing any Mangrove Jack frames (filleted skeletons with head and guts intact) we selectively spear. Toby is not asking anyone to kill a Mangrove Jack they would otherwise release or not shoot.

This research covers the entire NSW coastline, so it’s important that frames are collected from as many areas as possible. Of particular interest are frames from Sydney and South Coast.

If you can help and donate a frame, just fillet the fish (please leave head and guts intact), put the frame in a plastic bag (an ordinary shopping bag is fine) and put it in the freezer.

Then contact Toby using the details below, and he will arrange to collect the fish at a time and place convenient for you. Everyone who donates a frame will be eligible to win a ‘mangrove jack research’ t-shirt.

Toby Piddocke
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 0439 796 609

Letter from Toby