Dolphins Sports Report – June 2019

Hi Dolphins, a wee sports report for the past couple of months.  Relating some Competition and Social events and Club Championship results to date.


The National Spearfishing Championships were held around the Port Fairy area of Victoria, we had the one Dolphin participate in the Nationals and that was Evan Leeson.

Evan had done some serious training for the event, in particular diving around Tasmania, I heard looking for Crayfish and other succulent seafood that the cold waters of the Tasman are renowned for – he struck out on almost all accounts despite becoming intimate with the complete map of Tasmania, yet when he arrived to scout the area for the Nationals he found the Southern Rock lobster to be in abundance, and the odd 22kg Southern Bluefin Tuna.  Evan fared ok in the event finishing outside the Top Ten and he is keen to return to another Nationals in the near future.

Australian Pacific Coast Champs at Port Stephens Continue reading Dolphins Sports Report – June 2019

Xmas Party – 65th Anniversary of the Sans Souci Dolphins

Tis almost the season to get jolly and tell exaggerated stories of the one that got away. This year let’s ring it in with a bang!

Our annual Xmas bash will be held on Saturday the 1st of December. Festivities shall begin approx. 11am.

All members friends and family welcome!! Club will be supplying a huge feast and drinks. Entertainment to preoccupy the kids (grown kids too) as well. Stay tuned.

This year is special with 2018 being the 65th Anniversary of the Sans Souci Dolphins. An amazing club with so much history and so much to give.

Mark the date! Come down and join in celebrating the amazing club we have all come to love.

Merry Christmas!!

The Dolphin’s Challenge

The Dolphin’s Challenge, newly introduced, is a great concept as it will allow all Dolphin’s to enter a fish they have speared whilst engaging in either a social environment or other organized spearfishing event, basically it is available to enter every day of the year.

The inaugural event will run from 17th November 2017 until 30th June 2018 with the presentation of awards and prizes handed out at our now legendary Christmas in July bash. 

How it works: In a nutshell you enter a fish you feel appropriate for that specie and if it is still in the top ten of its category at the end of the event you will receive points for that fish (10pts for heaviest, 9pts for 2nd heaviest, etc. – see rules for more detail). The twenty categories targeted can be readily speared in NSW waters, such as Bonito, Bream, Goatfish, Morwong (any), Kingfish (any), Snapper; also included Squid (not Cuttlefish) and Crayfish.

There is also a category for Open Largest Fish Pelagic, and, Open Largest Fish Reef. (Only one entry into any eligible category per fish.)

Each competitor can only present two entries per category over the eight-month period, strategy is wise.


This year’s prizes and trophies will equal approx $2,000!

A Perpetual Dolphins Challenge Trophy

1st Place – $200 + Trophy

2nd Place – $100 + Trophy

3rd Place – $50 + Trophy

$50 will also be awarded for the heaviest fish in each category. Continue reading The Dolphin’s Challenge

Species Series Presentation: Part 2 – Kingfish

Just a reminder about our club meeting next week on Tuesday the 17th. Should kick off from around 7:30 with a BBQ feast served by BBQ king Alex joined by our very own Smokey BBQ LEGEND Ali making a return star appearance serving up a game meat feast. The boys are donating plenty of meat for the night but if anyone has something they can donate please contact Alex to arrange it. Would be much appreciated!! And get your taste buds ready.

Once everyone has had their fill we’ve got another installment of a species specific presentation. This time were looking at the all popular king fish, and just in time. If your after a big kingi the next few months is the time to do it!

Evan will be discussing hunting kingfish locally and abroad, enzymes that affect the flesh (the mushy factor), shot placement, equipment, hunting techniques, safety, current records, regulations, recipes, when and where to find these fish. Feel free to bring in your gear to get checked and critiqued.

Don’t miss it!!!!!!!!!

2016 Mid Year Updates

Updated pages include: Club Competition Records,  2015 Club Championship Results, The Pucko Award

Progressive Club results for 2016

Some photos Simon has gathered from 2015:

Check out these Noob Spero’s podcasts with Sans Souci Dophins members Simon Trippe & Ian Puckeridge

NSP:001 Simon Trippe Australian Spearfishing Academy Instructor

NSP:030 Ian Puckeridge, Australian Spearfishing Champion



Looking out for the Boat Owner

Simon Trippe
Simon Trippe

Let me begin by saying that boats are a fantastic thing to have in your spearfishing life. Like your girlfriend, boats have their pros, and

cons too. There are a couple of old sayings I like to quote “the wife told me it was either the boat or her. Gee I am going to miss her cooking.”  Or this one, my favourite. BOAT – Break out another thousand. IF you don’t mind constant maintenance, you have the room to store one, and importantly, you think can afford to keep both your wife and your mistress (…the boat) under the same roof, you might even decide you need new friends then go and visit your local boat dealer.

Sea Devil
Sea Devil

The range of coastline you can travel by boat in a session far exceeds that of the rockhopper; if a spot you have chosen is fishless or dirty simply pull up anchor and move onto to another headland or reef; you can fish otherwise hard locations; my favourite is that fact that you are out on the ocean and enjoying the vast blue sea, you never know what suprises you will see out there on a given day. Whales, pods of dolphins, massive bait balls, awesome bird life, huge sharks, blokes floating around on an esky lid, sunfish, the list is endless.  I enjoy being out on my boat and sharing experiences with my friends.

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2014 – Social Media Report

Ok, social media report guys.


Aaron Puckridge's World Record Green Jobfish
Aaron Puckridge’s World Record Green Jobfish

Aaron Puckridge's World Record Green Jobfish
Aaron Puckridge’s World Record Green Jobfish

Almost a year to the day SSD entered to world of Instagram. Aaron Pucko’s WR Green Jobfish was chosen as the ice breaker. This fish received 35 ‘likes’ but helped boost the SSD account into (possibly) the greatest of the Insta World. It was an underwater pic, had I chosen the other version, with Aaron’s curly blonde locks, on a fancy Yacht, with dreamy blue water in the background it may have received more attention. In fact, it did.

This pic I speak of was posted some time later and received over 60 ‘likes’, thus proving my theory correct ( this had nothing to do with the fact the account had grown substantially).

a nice Eastern Rock Lobster
a nice Eastern Rock Lobster

The most ‘liked’ pic was that of a nice Eastern Rock Lobster with 130. Ironically, this was posted during the time Trippey was giving the social media world hell on their ‘watermarking’ of photos. The accompanying hash tag #dontknowhowtodowatermarks just may have catapulted this pic onto the podium and its first place finish. Some numbskull felt it necessary to tell us “pretty sure you don’t measure like that”. Guess what C%&TFACE, it is.

Evan Leeson's 40kg Cobia
Evan Leeson’s 40kg Cobia

Furthermore, following closely behind in second place was cracking shot of Evan’s 40kg Cobia. This pic captured the attention of many, including a lovely comment from Dan Galea that read, “cracking fish”. However, it also captured the attention of some unsavoury characters such as @j_james_coughtrie who responded “filthy brown log”. I thought this particularly funny as those of us unfortunate enough to have Evan on Snapchat receive daily video’s of his ‘filthy brown logs’. Some other punters recognised Evan and proclaimed “these are the lads we met at the burger shop”. We sure are boys, we sure are.

Evan Leeson's 28kg Spanish Mackerel
Evan Leeson’s 28kg Spanish Mackerel

In third place and just scraping onto the podium was another pic of Evan. A lovely 28kg Spanish Mackerel. This fish received 120 ‘likes’. There weren’t any funny comments on this post, in fact they were all very pleasant. Evan looked particularly handsome also. In the ensuing statistical analysis of the demographic that engaged this post it was found that 98% of the likes were from females ‘over 50’. The remaining 2% were from men in Evans circle of friends . Marshy also liked it, but the Jury is still out on that one.

John Brown's 41kg Mulloway
John Brown’s 41kg Mulloway

Well stuff me, it seems that I have missed a post. Disregard the above as the REAL FIRST PLACE pic is that of longtime friend and corrupter of the club, Mr John Brown. No surprises, but his whopping 41kg Mulloway received an astonishing 164 ‘likes’ and a cloud of Marijuana smoke. Delpopolo was no where to be seen. Lots of comments for this one folks, such as ‘horse fish, and ‘donkey’. I don’t know why fish are referred to as land animals but I guess it’s fine. Other comments included ‘nice soapy mate’, ‘nup, this is fucked’ and aptly put ‘muthafuckan Jewy King’. Well done Browny!

Thank you to everyone who sent in pics throughout the year, I think Instagram really put SSD on the social media map and generated a lot of interest in the club. This was apparent by how many times I had to tell everyone that meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, at South Sydney Amateur Fishing Association Club House, on the corner of Hastings Ave and Macquarie Street, Chifley, Sydney, NSW, Australia at 7:30pm. Despite this knowledge, I was always asking when they were, hey Simon, Derrick and Evan?

I’m not sure if this fits the structure of an annual report but it sure was fun writing it.