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Mid Year Update – XMas in July, Member videos & Australia vs South Africa May 2013

XMAS in July – Dolphins Style

This month meeting is on Tuesday the 16th July and we will be having a XMAS in July Seafood feast. We’ll have a raffle on the night as well. List of prizes to come.

Anyone who bring a quality fish for the BBQ will get 3 free tickets. Fillets accepted, but I said quality fish. Fillets will be inspected by seniors to ascertain species. No Silver Drummer Fillets please…

Come along, bring your Santa hat and catch up on what’s going on around the scene.

Member Videos

There are a few new videos added to the Video section of the site. Thanks to Scuba Pete and Paul Marsh.

Australia vs South Africa 17 – 25 May 2013

SA 2013

As most of us know our own Derrick Cruz and Evan Leeson were part of the three man Australian team in South Africa. Derrick Cruz won the visiting international competitors trophy.

Have a read of the adventure here: Australia vs South Africa May 2013.pdf

Fred Nann – some SSD spear fishing history

Taken in 1962 at Rottnest Island WA. Fred Nann is wearing his first wetsuit made by Torpedo and a brandishing a homemade gun by Bernie Harbour. The gun was used for over 15 years. Thanks to Fred’s daughter Vicki Nann for the photo

Fred was the original founding member for the Dolphins it’s first president and first Life member. He later moved to WA in his late 20’s, where he did a record freedive at the time recorded at 110ft, he was also charged with having a powerhead over there in the early 60’s.
When you are having a quite beer or coffee have a read of it, 11 pages of good times. Amazing how had core these boys all were in the 50’s and early 60’s. We got nothin’ on them really, we are spoilt.

Born in Sydney at St. George Hospital Kogarah on the 12/9/1935, one of four children of Frederick Robert and Dorothy La Vere Nann. Resided at Walter Street and then Darley Street Sans Souci until 1959.

Special thanks, picture provided by Fred’s daughter Vicki Nann.

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2013 Australian Spearfishing Team T-shirts, Fundraiser update

The boys have come up with a great T-Shirt design for the team heading to South Africa. These shirts are for sale and are only going for $30, so anyone who would like to purchase a shirt contact Derrick or Evan and let them know. If your going to be at the Alliman tomorrow the boys can bring them along for you to purchase, but contact them asap to let them know how many to bring.

We have some collectors tshirts made up for our last effort bid towards South Africa, it features a ‘Garrick’, also called Leerfish which is an iconic fish of South Africa.  They are $30 each, sizes available in M, L, XL”



Derrick Cruz 0405 334 386
[email protected]

Evan Leeson
[email protected]

Fundraiser update

At the last club meeting we held a fundraiser event for members of the Dolphins heading to Durban for the South African Underwater Spearfishing Championship. It was a great success.

“The BBQ’s are off the planet” – Daniel Galea

“Parry & Ali did an exceptional job with organising and donating the amazing food!!!” – Wade Koolis


There are some more pics of the event posted on SpearOZ:,3720.0.html

2012 Frog Dive Coral Sea trip catches an Australian Black Marlin record

A 230kg ‘pending’ Australian spearfishing record Black Marlin was speared by Andrew (Amod) Moderer on the latest Frog Dive Coral Sea spearfishing trip.

The previous Australian spearfishing record was held by our own Ian ‘Pucko’ Puckeridge coming in at 150kgs caught at Long Reef back in 2007.

The fish was speared with a 1.4m Rob Allen speargun with a Riffe 7.5mm shaft and Riffe slip tip onboard the Eastern Voyager.

Congratulations Amod!
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GoPro Hero3 announced

Allot of divers now use GoPro cameras to capture footage of the fun we have in the water. The smallest GoPro camera yet has just been released. The GoPro Hero3. The Black edition sells for $399 US. It’s certainly more pricy compared to the previous models and I’m not sure if a free diver will really benefit too much. There is a Silver & White edition for $299 and $199 US respectively that miss out on a few features like ultra high resolution and framerate. I really do like the new size and that they have learnt to make a decent underwater housing, for free! A good review can be found at CNET.

For $199 the entry level camera is so cheap, I can see divers heading out with head & gun mount on the same dive. I hope to see some Dolphins sending in footage for all to see 🙂 Be a Hero! Continue reading GoPro Hero3 announced

Roller Spearguns

Emanuel Bova, a Dolphin member, explains the benefits of a roller spear gun and how to modify an existing speargun with a rollergun kit. Benefits include:

  1. Little to no recoil make the gun easier to fire accurately.
  2. A smaller gun length enables you to access caves and swing the gun around more easily/faster in water.
  3.  A large increase of power gives more penetration on the target, faster speed of the shaft and more range of your shot.

Emanuel works for Down Under Spearfishing Charters and more info on Roller Guns can be found on their site.

Ikijime – How to care for your catch

iki jime (ike jime) Humane killing of fish
Ikejime (活け締め) or Ikijime (活き締め) is a method of paralyzing and bleeding fish to maintain its quality. The technique originated in Japan, but is now in widespread use. It involves the insertion of a spike quickly and directly into the hind brain, thereby causing immediate brain death. A fish brain is usually located slightly behind and above the eye. When spiked correctly, the fish fins flare and the fish relaxes, immediately ceasing all motion. The blood contained in the fish flesh retracts to the gut cavity, which produces a better coloured and flavoured fillet. This method seems to minimize the pain.