Samba and Shallow Water Blackouts

Erez Beatus – Free diving coach and former world record holder explaining the risk of Samba & (Shallow Water) Blackout while free diving. Thanks to NSUC & USFA

Samba is a loss of motor control. It is a partial loss of physical or mental integrity and generally occurs up to 15 seconds after reaching the surface, normally during your first breath after a dive. It happens due to not having enough oxygen in your brain.

A Blackout in freediving is often called Shallow Water Blackout (SWB) as it most often occurs while ascending the last few metres of water. It happens due to lack of oxygen due to rapid changes in pressure.

Very briefly, it is thought that Hyperventilation is the leading cause of blackout as it lowers the amount of CO2 in your body which lessens the urge to breathe. The Shallow Water Blackout Wiki explains this all in much more detail:

Pedro Carbonell – World Champion in Sydney this Friday

Three Times world champion Pedro Carbonell from Spain – will talk on how to prepare yourself for spearfishing; scouting ground before a major competion;  there will also be time allocated so you can ask him questions.

Where: Tradies 57 Manchester Road North, Gymea NSW – (Main entrance is off the Kingsway)When: Friday night the 1st April — 7.30 Pm Continue reading Pedro Carbonell – World Champion in Sydney this Friday