Need Submissions for Jervis Bay Marine Park

The website for putting in your submissions on the Jervis Bay Marine Park is now up and running.

The process for putting in your submission is exactly as for Solitary Islands Marine Park, and the information I was given for that is below. It is 100% relevant to this website for JBMP. Remember that the submission date closes on September 17th.

As you may know, the Solitary Islands Marine Park (SIMP) is currently up for review. If you are not currently aware of the proposed changes, I suggest you log onto website below and have a look for yourself.

In short, if the changes go through the effects will be crippling to spearfishing in the SIMP. You can do your bit to stop these proposed changes by taking five minutes and filling out an online submission form.

At this stage we have written a submission that is a combined submission between spearfisherman, recreational and professional fishers; United we stand! In addition, we have created a website as a platform to launch it.  We are currently about to start hitting the media both locally and Australia wide, through various email databases and publications. Best you visit our website to see for yourself.

This is how it works:

  1. Log onto and view the home page.
  2. Click on make a submission and follow the directions.
  3. Once the submission is open you need to fill out your details and check appropriate boxes on page2. Read through the submission.
  4. PLEASE then make a couple of comments in each additional comments box (there are 3 to complete) This individualises the submission and prevents it being counted as a form letter.
  5. Click on “I’m done send it in” on the last page

It’s as SIMPLE as that. Doing this will help tremendously for the cause. Make sure every diver you know has filled out a submission, the more entered the better the outcome will be for spearfishing as a whole.