Boating Accident concerning spearo Steve Wayne 3rd April 2011

There has been a mention in the Clareville Alliman thread about popular Mosman Whaler spearo Steve Wayne being hit by a vessel so I thought I would put out a brief run down, basically to further enforce to you all out there just how careful you must be in the water. People ask me about shark shields all the time, my reply these days is, “forget the shark shield spend the money on as big as float and flag as is practical, you have far more chance of being struck by a vessel as you do being hit by a shark. Especially along the East Coasts temperate waters.

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Black Cod is this the next Grey Nurse Shark?

Common name: Black Cod

Scientific name: Epinephelus daemelii

Size: Max. length 2m

Habitat: Adult black cod are usually found in caves, gutters and beneath bommies on rocky reefs. They are territorial and often occupy a particular cave for life. Small juveniles are often found in coastal rock pools, and larger juveniles around rocky shores in estuaries.

Diet: Black cod are opportunistic carnivores, eating mainly other fish and crustaceans.

Appearance: They can change from one colour pattern to another in just a few seconds. They are usually black in estuaries and banded around clear water reefs. Black cod are apparently slow growing. Smaller fish are mostly females, but they generally change sex to become males at around 100-110 cm in length.

Guys, Please report any Black Cod sightings to Mel Brown. [email protected]

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Pedro Carbonell – World Champion in Sydney this Friday

Three Times world champion Pedro Carbonell from Spain – will talk on how to prepare yourself for spearfishing; scouting ground before a major competion;  there will also be time allocated so you can ask him questions.

Where: Tradies 57 Manchester Road North, Gymea NSW – (Main entrance is off the Kingsway)When: Friday night the 1st April — 7.30 Pm Continue reading Pedro Carbonell – World Champion in Sydney this Friday

Terrigal Alliman 2011

Well Terrigal was a day for the Dolphins!!!

Our club took out the day with a score of 4007, and with Paul Rosso and Ian Puckeridge taking out 1st and 2nd place overall… Well done guys.
A special mention also to M Morris in 5th, Aaron Puckeridge in 7th, and Emanual Bova in 8th. That gives the SSD 5 spots in the top 10.

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South West Rocks 2010

G’day Dolphins!

Wow!! What a weekend we had a South West Rocks!! We had 20 guys turn up! It was like a three day club meeting with HUGE fish!
I firstly would like to thank all the guys that came and put in the effort! Without everyone, this weekend wouldn’t of been what it was. A weekend like we just had is all about the company and that is something (fish or no fish) that will determine your weekend!
Well done Guys

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Christmas Party 2010

G’day all Dolphins!

It has come to that time of the year where we celebrate the year we have had over a great feed, a few drinks amongst some top company!
It has been a great year with some amazing accomplishments by many and countless amount of fun times. This year we have decided for our Christmas party to be on a Friday night instead of having it on the night of our December meeting like we have traditionally done the past couple of years! Continue reading Christmas Party 2010

The difference between Crayfish and Lobsters

Since we are at the start of Rock Lobster season here this might come in handy.

I found this PDF from Museum Victoria that explains the difference between Australian decapod Crustacea (lobster, rock (spiny) lobster, crayfish, bugs and scampi).

The difference between Crayfish and Lobsters

Need Submissions for Jervis Bay Marine Park

The website for putting in your submissions on the Jervis Bay Marine Park is now up and running.

The process for putting in your submission is exactly as for Solitary Islands Marine Park, and the information I was given for that is below. It is 100% relevant to this website for JBMP. Remember that the submission date closes on September 17th. Continue reading Need Submissions for Jervis Bay Marine Park