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This Is Your Last Chance To Stop The Lock Up!

 Sorry to have to get all political again here guys, but recreational fishermen are about to get locked out of massive areas of Australian waters. And all this while the federal Government has given the green light to a super trawler so it can plunder our waters! What’s happening here is just plain wrong, and we need to all get together to stop it. Marine reserves should be implemented with proper scientific planning and processes, and that is just not happening. In just a few days on September 10, we’ll be locked out of huge areas of Australian waters unless we stand up and say no. The only way to try and stop this is to take 60 seconds and make a very quick submission through the Keep Australia Fishing website to lodge your protest. People power is the only way to make the politicians take notice here. Please share this link on all your own Facebook pages, and spread the word!


Simon Trippe


An update 11th Sept 2012: Environment Minister Tony Burke accused of trashing marine science after slapping a ban on super trawler Abel Tasman

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/business/labor-to-ban-super-trawler-abel-tasman-from-australian-waters/story-e6frfm1i-1226471683034#ixzz268tHatxT

Keep Australia Fishing organisation launched

Fishing Legend Rex Hunt Spearheads National Organisation To Fight For Angler Rights & Protect Our Fishing Heritage
Keep Australia Fishing (KAF), a national lobbying and advocacy organisation representing Australia’s five million recreational anglers, will fight against politically motivated antifishing campaigns while highlighting environmental issues threatening our waterways and fish stocks.

To be launched on June 30 and supported by a national advertising campaign, KAF will
initially campaign against Minister Burke’s proposed federal Marine Parks network. These
marine parks plans threaten to lock Australian anglers and their families out of vast areas of ocean in northern and south-western Australia. Continue reading Keep Australia Fishing organisation launched